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Immigration Links

Links for Parents and Community

Questions and Answers / Preguntas y Respuestas


Español (Spanish)

(Arabic) العَرَبِيَّة‎

Make a plan / Haz un plan

Family Preparedness Plan / Plan Familiar En Caso de Emergencia

Lawyers / Abogados

Local and Regional Immigration Lawyers / Abogados de inmigración locales y regionales

Immigration Lawyer Search from AILA / Búsqueda del abogado de inmigración de AILA

Fraude: varios notarios se hacen pasar por abogados de EEUU

Know your rights / Conozca sus derechos


Español (Spanish)

(Arabic) العَرَبِيَّة‎

Other languages

What to do if ICE comes to your door / En caso de redadas ¿qué puedes hacer?

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) / Acción Diferida para jóvenes llegados de infancia (DACA)

Current Status and Options

Step-by-step guide for applying to DACA

Local Resources / Recursos locales

NewBridges Immigrant Resource Center

Church World Service Harrisonburg

Skyline Literacy

Community Resource Guide

Community Resource Handbook

Community Resources for Speakers of Other Languages

Links for Staff

Social/emotional impact

How Fears of Deportation Harm Kids’ Education

The Psychosocial Impact of Detention and Deportation on U.S. Migrant Children and Families

APA Psychology of Immigration 101

The Educational, Psychological, and Social Impact of Discrimination on the Immigrant Child

What can school staff do

Harrisonburg School Board Statement of Inclusivity

Superintendent’s Memo #059-17: Guidance Regarding School Division Responsibilities and Actions Under the Law in Reference to Students and Immigration

Ideas from Teaching Tolerance

Ideas from American Federation of Teachers

General recommendations to share:

  • Update your emergency contact information with the school and speak to your principal or home/school liaison for specific issues of concern

  • Make a family preparedness plan

  • Be aware of your rights when interacting with immigration officers

  • Get to know an immigration lawyer (screenings available through NewBridges Immigrant Resource Center)

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