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Support for English Learners

Laura Feichtinger McGrath, Coordinator

Amanda Horne, Newcomer Program Coordinator and Middle School ESL Specialist

Support Team for English Learners and Families

Middle School
High School

Though HCPS is a small division of just over 5,900 total students, 35% of our students are identified as English Learners (ELs).  It is the intention of HCPS to effectively facilitate the development of the social and academic English language skills necessary for full and active participation in the larger community.


HCPS Students speak 57 languages in addition to English. 



HCPS students were born in 53 countries including the US.

Current and Historic
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Understanding, Supporting, and Reaching English Language Learners, July 2013 Revision: A Resource Guide for teaching English Language Learners in Harrisonburg City Public Schools

Translation and Interpretation Guidelines

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