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English as a Second Language Program

Laura Feichtinger McGrath,Coordinator of Language Support Programs

Elementary ESL Program
Middle School ESL Program
High School ESL Program

The Language Support Programs of HCPS serve culturally and linguistically diverse students whose native language is not English. The objective of the program is to provide students with the English and academic skills needed to be successful, active participants in the local community.

Student Diversity

HCPS has one of the highest Limited English Proficient (LEP) populations in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Though HCPS is a small division of just over 5,600 total students, 34% of those students are Limited English Proficient.  Within that population there are 47 different countries and 48 different languages represented.  Of our LEP population, 59% was born in the United States.



Understanding, Supporting, and Reaching English Langauge Learners, July 2013 Revision

A Resource Guide for teaching English Language Learners in Harrisonburg City Public Schools

Cultural Considerations for Home Visitors

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