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Employment Procedures

Application Procedures

  1. The applicant registers and submits a completed application through our on-line application website and attaches official transcripts, copy of Teaching License, Praxis II, VCLA & RVE Scores (if applicable). The applicant will be notified by email when the application materials have been received.
  2. Applicant's file is reviewed by the Executive Director of Human Resources and Principals/Supervisors.
  3. Exceptional candidates are invited for an interview when positions become available.
  4. All applications and user accounts remain active for 12 months after last account activity and can be updated at any time through the on-line application process.

Selection Process

Written Application:
In selecting candidates to interview, particular attention will be paid to:
  • academic record
  • cross cultural experience(s)
  • commitment to professional development/continual learning
  • qualifications for position
  • quality of professional training
  • references
  • teaching certification/endorsement(s)
  • teaching experience
Interviewed Applicants:
The candidates for a position will be narrowed by considering qualities including, but not limited to, the following:
  • communication skills
  • demonstrated commitment to continued professional development/involvement
  • educational experience and training
  • educational philosophy
  • effective classroom management skills/philosphy
  • knowledge of responsibilities/subject area
  • perceived ability to provide literacy instruction
  • personality and poise
  • potential to contribute to extracurricular programs
  • professional presentation
  • sincere interest in, understanding of, enthusiasm and committment to the education of all children
The final recommendation for hiring is the responsibility of the principal/supervisor. The decision will be based on the needs of the school, the credentials, references, and the rating scale of the interview team.


Please bring the following to your appointment:  

  • Drivers License and Original Social Security Card
  • $15.00 check made payable to HCPS
  • $10.00 money order made payable to VA Dept. of Social Services  

Student Teachers

Please schedule an appointment with Elizabeth Jerlinski or Lauren Friend at 540-434-9916. Please bring the following to your appointment:
  • Drivers License and Original Social Security Card or Passport
  • $8.69 check made payable to HCPS
  • $10.00 money order made payable to VA Dept. of Social Services

The Harrisonburg City School Board is an equal opportunity employer, committed to nondiscrimination in recruitment, selection, hiring, pay, promotion, retention or other personnel action affecting employees or candidates for employment.

Therefore, discrimination in employment against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, political affiliation, gender, age, disability or marital status is prohibited.  Personnel decisions shall be based on merit and the ability to perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation.