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Professional Development

Harrisonburg City Public Schools offers numerous professional development opportunities and college credit courses to our staff.

Upcoming Opportunities

  • Virginia School-University Partnership Conferences
  • VCU Reading Specialists Online Program
    • Greetings from the VCU School of Education, ranked 27th in the country!  In the Department of Teaching and Learning, we have created an online version of our Reading program, both the M.Ed. in Reading and Post-master’s Certificate for Reading Specialists degrees. For licensed teachers with three years of teaching experience, both degrees lead to the endorsement as a Reading Specialist K-12 in Virginia. Please learn more about our online program at this link:  We are recruiting to begin a cohort in January 2016 with TEDU 561: Reading Foundations.  Candidates must apply to graduate school before finishing 6 credit hours in the program. Go to this link for information on applying to graduate school at VCU:

Ongoing Opportunities

  • Coursera - free online courses
  • Project TEACH
  • Technology Road Shows
  • NETS*T Certification
    • For further information on Project TEACH, Technology Road Shows, or NETS*T Certification, contact Toni Sheets.

Other Information

Mentor Program Handbook