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Division Goals for 2015-2016

  • All students will be engaged daily in meaningful literacy learning across all areas of the curriculum to deepen understanding and develop literacy skills.  All teachers will use high yield instructional strategies to ensure evidence of learning in reading, writing and speaking. Building administrators together with Central Office staff will support this effort by designing and facilitating differentiated staff development on developing literacy skills and incorporating literacy within content areas.
  • All teachers will pursue a SMART goal related to literacy.
  • All schools will develop active partnerships with families to support literacy development in English and their home language.
  • All schools will meet state and federal accountability measures. Formative assessments will be used to monitor progress in reading and writing in all grade levels and results will be used to differentiate instruction.
Social Emotional
  • All students will experience a positive, safe and nurturing culture in Harrisonburg City Public Schools.
  • All staff will receive support to integrate social and emotional learning into existing programs and practices.
  • The school division will provide differentiated and ongoing professional development for staff related to meeting the social and emotional needs of students. Offerings will include developing cultural competency, bullying prevention, restorative justice, whole-school approaches to teaching and reinforcing positive behavior, and classroom behavior management strategies.
  • Families will be engaged through community outreach programs and opportunities to work with staff to support students.
  • Attitudes and perceptions of families, students, and staff will be collected to determine the effectiveness of social and emotional learning programs and practices.