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Division Goals for 2014-2015 

High Expectations for All Students
  • Goal 1: All schools will meet all state and federal accountability standards.
  • Goal 2: Each year a higher percentage of HHS graduates will attend a 2-year or 4-year college.
  • Goal 3: Each year a higher percentage of entering 9th graders will have obtained a math and/or foreign language credit.
  • Goal 4: Each year a higher percentage of 3rd grade students will be reading on grade level.
Professional Growth
  • Goal 1: Sustain a high performing and engaged workforce.
  • Goal 2: Educators evaluated as “developing” will increase to a “proficient” level within two years.
  • Goal 3: Retain 90% of our “proficient” and above educators.
  • Goal 4: All staff will include at least one professional development goal in their annual SMART Goals.
Parent Engagement and Community Partnerships
  • Goal 1: All schools will monitor and collect baseline data on two-way communication between school and home during the 2014-15 school year.
  • Goal 2:All schools will monitor and increase parent involvement in their school.  
  • Goal 3: The division will share programs and success stories with the broader community.
Social, Emotional, and Physical Development
  • Goal 1: Create a positive, safe, and focused classroom environment for all students.
  • Goal 2: All schools will explicitly teach prosocial behaviors which are positive, helpful, and intended to promote acceptance and friendship.
  • Goal 3: All schools will increase the opportunities for physical activity for all students.