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Request Blocking or Unblocking of a Website

In accordance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), Harrisonburg City Public Schools employs internet content filtering software. Occasionally a web site that has inappropriate content slips through the filter or a web site that students or staff need to access is blocked. If you feel that you have found a URL that is mishandled by our filter, please read and understand all of the following before proceeding.

We are using a content filter, IDS/IPS server called DeepNines to provide our content filtering.

Requesting a Local Exception to Categorization

We have the ability to override URLs in the category lists from Deepnines in our local configuration of Deepnines. We apply local exceptions to the category lists only when a URL is categorized correctly but we desire the opposite behavior despite the categorization. Usually this occurs with a site that is on a blocked list but a teacher wants it unblocked. For instance, a web page that discusses sexually transmitted diseases may be correctly classified as Sex, but a teacher may wish for students to have access to that site for research. In that case we will override that categorization in HCPS.

Request a Local Exception to Categorization Request a Local Exception to Categorization